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Garbage City – Cairo

Welcome to one of the world’s most efficient recycling programs: Cairo

 In Cairo’s so-called “Garbage City,” residents known as Zabaleen collect and process huge quantities of the Egyptian capital’s refuse. Dwell’s Miyoko Ohtake calls this sprawling community project—most of the garbage is actually stashed and sorted in the homes of residents—“one of the most efficient recycling systems in practice.”

The Zabaleen, Ohtake reports in the February 2011 issue of the magazine, “reuse or resell more than 80 percent of the garbage they collect.” Dutch photographer Bas Princen’s staggering panorama of the settlement was included in the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam and an exhibition at Storefront Art and Architecture in New York.



  happypoppeye wrote @

Most of Cairo looks like this from above…

  hotelswelove wrote @

Amazing, we’ve heard similar things said about China. It’s an ‘unofficial’ programme, but whatever you put outside pretty much gets collected by someone – whether they specialise in plastics, string or bits of concrete. Compare this to Naples, where the garbage collection is so tied up with the mafia & corruption that locals sometimes have to, er, riot, to get the stuff collected. Garbage landscapes around Naples by Italian photographer Aniello Barone here: http://www.museomadre.it/bio_show.cfm?id=429

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