Excuse Me……

life on the edge of cool


We love this at times empty beats have no soul which this does…

Late Night Fight – as the title suggests could easily be the soundtrack to a modern day ‘warriors’ soundtrack. Acid loops are strangled under screechy pads. The pace feels hurried as if the composer is exercising the demons – the piano breakdown a mere interlude before the battle commences.
Love & Hate – electro fodder for a thirsty crowd. Simple in its construction, yet at the same time compelling. Obenewa’s vocal’s is straight out of an 80’s proms party. While thoughts of bad hair cuts and shoulder pads may seem strange the two worlds don’t so much collide as marry quiet beautifully. Why we think of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal at times is down to the skilful arrangements this track is a welcomed surprise.
Not In My Disco – is what you would have expected I guess to have danced to at plastic people in its heyday. Subtle and not fussy. Some would say a come down track (I have no idea what that means). Great driving music.

THE PRESS RELEASEThe endlessly inventive musical creator know as Dego will release his own solo debut ‘A Wha Him Deh Pon?’ this summer. Having recorded several seminal albums with his previous musical collectives 4hero, 2000black and Silhouette Brown – to name but a few – ‘A Wha Him Deh Pon?’ marks Dego’s continuing musical evolution, integrating his past as an avatar of electronca, jazz, dub and soul, while blazing a new path forward beyond convention and expectation. Dego has composed a love letter to the subtle sonic textures of vintage keyboards, the musical intelligence of fusion jazz, and the fathest edges of progressive soul.

The album reveals Dego’s profound love for the simple physical pleasure of a perfect beat, but also
his boundless curiosity for reinventing the most sophisticated elements of classic funk and electro.
Even within a single song, Dego manages to take listeners on a journey across time. “Late Night
Fright,” for example, begins by harkening back to the heyday of dub and drum ‘n’ bass, the club ori-
ented music of Dego’s youth, before slowly dissolving into a dreamy jazzy soundscape, mirroring
Dego’s own musical evolution. Elsewhere on the album, Dego joins forces with a carefully-selected
roster of singers and instrumental collaborators. “We Are Virgo” is a collaboration with jazz multi-
instrumentalist Kaidi Tatham, that blends several time signatures, drawing on a rich palette of analog
synthesizer sounds.
A funky tangle of old-school acid house arpeggios, mixed with a bouncing soul groove, featuring
vocals by up and coming British singer Obenewa, “All That She Knows” is a song about someone
caught in a spiral of self destructive behavior, and struggling with the fear that glues them to the hab
it. “The Monarch” features an array of vintage keyboards layered like sonic
raw, breakbeat edge: a ragged high hat and crispy snare provide the frame against which a descending
chord pattern alternates with a more upbeat section that evokes a mildly hallucinogenic mood of
good cheer.




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