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London west bank, a new gallery in west London, is already turning heads and is destined to be a fantastic space, for rising talents to show work along-side well-established artists in the art subculture/lowbrow/outsider institute.
Louis Michel aka Masai (an artist) will be co-curating with Tommy Blaquiere (gallery, co-owner), a show on the 11th august, that documents an exciting collection of artists, that are experimenting with attributes, of fine art, illustration, street art and graffiti.
After having spent, the last 6 years making connections with artists that he admired and respected from both Cornwall and his current 18 months in London. Louis has formulated a group of artists, that he considers his friends, family and much respected. The line up stems across artists that have never before been heard of and artists that have exhibited internationally, holding sell out, solo shows and become very successful in this subculture art world.
Tommy, has been consistently selling Louis Michel aka masai’s work over the past year and the two of them realised that it would be fun to share curating a show. “Insideout and vicaversa”, documents the rise of street art/graffiti to the gallery, and fineart/illustration to the street, unearthing the cross over’s that occur along the way.

The artists involved have shown work along side shows curated by the likes of, Campbarbossa, Circleculture, Moniker, Lava Gallery, Mutate Britain, Pure Evil, Apart Gallery, Graffik Warfare, Scrawl Collective, Upfest, Lazarides and Stolen Space…The show is set to be an exciting journey through styles, mediums and concepts, all held together by a genuine love for creating good art.
30 artists, hailing from 12 countries; Germany, Australia, England, Cornwall, France, Greece, Chile, America, Austria, Holland, Spain and Norway, welcome you to InsideOut and VicaVersa on the 11th august, to enjoy the private view and a drink at the London west bank gallery, across two floors. A second equally amazing exhibition will be held in conjunction on the top attic floor with, Keith Baugh, called “from Dubstep to Dylan”.


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