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AFRICA: Chris Ofili Chosen To Design Posters For 2012 Olympic Games

British-Nigerian artist Chris Ofili will be one of the 12 British artists who will design official posters for the Olympic Games in London 2012.

An acclaimed young British artist, Ofili was chosen from some of Great Britians’ most talented painters and designers.

According to the Guardian

Among those on the panel that whittled more than 100 names from the art world down to 12 was the Tate’s director, Sir Nicholas Serota, who predicted “colour, vitality, energy and diversity” in the 2012 posters that will be seen all over the capital next year. Six male and six female artists have been chosen.

Ofili’s star has been on the rise for quite some time now. The British-Nigerian artist was the 1998 recipient of thecoveted Turner Prize and has received scholarships for stays around the world, going everywhere from Zimbabwe to Trinidad and Tobago.

Still, many may remember Oifli most for the controversy that arose in 1999 in New York when then Mayor Giuliani brought a lawsuit against the Brooklyn Museum of Art over his ‘Black Madonna’ painting. The canvas included images of blaxploitation movies, clippings of female genitalia from pornographic magazines and elephant dung. The painting was meant to portray the Immaculate Conception and Assumption of Mary.

Ofili, a graduate of the Royal College of Art got his start in the gallery of Charles Saatchi. He says his paintings are often layered with different materials in an attempt to deconstruct the racial and sexual stereotypes that persist in popular culture. By challenging the viewer to see the different components of his work, he pushed them to peel away their preconceptions and walking away with something new

Ofili’s paintings along with the work of the 11 other artists chosen will be shown as part of a free exhibition at Tate Britain during the London 2012 Festival set to begin June 21ST, 2012. The City of London is anticipating nearly 7 million tourists will attend.


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