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Amazing Sculptures

‘irma’ by jaume plensa at the yorkshire sculpture park in wakefield, england
image courtesy YSP / © jonty wilde

Barcelona-born contemporary artist and sculptor jaume plensa is currently showing his first
major UK exhibition at the yorkshire sculpture park in wakefield, england. Exhibited in
the underground gallery as well as the surrounding outdoor landscape, the collection of
sculptures and drawings consists of both recent and new works that encourages its viewers to
explore the art in a tactile and sensorial manner.

formally drawing heavily from the human figure, the large-scale sculptures are often conceived
as transparent structures that blend in with the context of the local landscape. ‘house of knowledge’
is a central outdoor piece that utilizes steel letters to build a large human body, transforming
the sculpture into architecture in which visitors can step in to. many of the work incorporate light,
sound and text elements to illustrate the notion of space in an immersive fashion.


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