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GENIUS – iPhone Handheld Gaming Pod Extension

The iPhone Gaming Pod Extension. It’s basically an extension cover or case that will convert your iPhone into a full on handheld gaming device. The mount is quite simple, and all you really do is to place the iPhone in the middle of the case and press it all together, closing it if that makes more sense. Then it’s pretty much just to get on with your gaming and kick some royal butt!

The case itself is just a prototype design for now, but we are sure this concept would catch on if there was just some money for the development and production of it. When it is fully assembled, our iPhones will look like your average handheld gaming device, including the buttons and cross button that we are used to. We can’t wait for this thing to come out so that we can start playing games for real. Innovations like these are what drives the gaming industry, so all you designers out there, keep conceptualizing!


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