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MUSIC REVIEW: Various – Brazilian Love Affair Revisited

So the task was to listen to this album when the sun was not shining which is so easy in the UK. The question is did this release bring the sun out or leave us feeling like a wet blanket? Firstly we must warn you that if you can’t afford a holiday this year then this may not be for you as the moment you press play you’ll want to pack your bags and there is nothing more worrying than turning up at the airport, bags packed with the kids only to find you have no tickets and it was down to a darn album we reviewed. Warning two do not play this album in the car as after 30mins you’ll be awaken by drivers hooting their horns and one irate driver trying to strangle you through a semi wound up window. Yes you had lost it all the swirling percussions and scantly clad women of Brazil….. Where were we …..?Yes the album review

‘Friends From Rio 2’ kicks off this sublime set and if you don’t want to purchase this album by the end of the opening track you may want to try to wiggle your toes in case you have some how died in 6mins and 56” of absolute bliss in typical Brazilian style the build up is gentle and the layers build slowly like a walk along a beach in the distant you can see that pint of beer (orange juice for the kids). Then you reach the beer and as you take a sip wow!! That is what the opening track is like pure magic. I say opening track, but its actually two parts an edit then main track like a two course meal where you keep licking your fingers until people look at you as if you have not eaten for weeks. ‘Friends From Rio 2’ is a very well thought out track where strings and things overlay the island sound as to almost keep it in check as not to spoil the main course. This is a must have compilation so many will have their favourites and it lends it self to a barbeque or an introduction to those who would not know where to start and may buy Manhattan Transfer by mistake then jump off a roof in horror or joy depending on which you think is better surviving with nightmares or forgetting? Da Lata – good to have them on here rev up on their rendition of ‘Ponteio’ and do a very nice job by adding a real 2011 super charged underbelly that means the more adventurous could drop this in a dance set at say carnival a guaranteed floor filler.

When I saw Kirk Degiorgio had remixed a track on here I must admit I almost tore the wrapping off with my teeth. Rachel stopped me and said if I was hungry she had some carrots in the fridge. Kirk takes it there so much so that I needed to listen to this in a dark room with headphones on it is too cute really spacey trippy and all the other adjectives to describe a journey (not off your face journey) the sort that transports you to another place. You know that track you play and like Eminem you loose yourself – well this is the one. Although the Brazilian sign posts are so stripped back you could mistake this for a MOS chill out track it does stop it from rocking and that is what is so great about this album you keep thinking what next. Yes there are the stable tracks such as ‘Nova Bossa Nova’ by Marcos Valle and Grupo Batuque’s ‘Na Batida Do Agogo’ which gets the Osunlade remix treatment and yes this wont be number 1 in the iTunes chart, but who wants that. Life is way more than that. You can hand this album to a non-believer and they will see the light. It won’t make the blind see, but it can make the deaf dance and that takes some doing. What are you waiting for go and buy it! 


Chill out from the heart and soul of Brazil lovingly selected from the smash five part Latin compilation series featuring classics by Marcos Valle, Nina Miranda of Smoke City (‘Underwater Love’) & Zeep, Azymuth, Osunlade, Mark Pritchard’s Troubleman, Ed Motta, Joyce, 4 Hero, Sabrina Malheiros plus new and exclusive tracks from Raf Vilar, Clara Moreno, Alex Malheiros and Danny Wheeler.

Released between 1998 and 2004Far Out’s five-volume Brazilian Love Affair became one of the best loved and most successful Latin chill-out compilation series. Contributions come from legends of Brazilian music such as Joyce, Marcos Valle and Azymuth, rediscovered in theUKas underground jazz deejays brought Brazilian music back to the fore. This movement evolved asFar Outfurther developed the links between Brazil and Europe enabling collaborations featured from leading producers including 4 Hero, Osunlade, Kirk Degiorgio and Mark Pritchard produced as new sub-genres such as Drum & Bossa, Nu-Samba and Nu-Bossa emerged allowing more people to experience the beauty of Brazilian music. Revisited celebrates the unique body of work released by the label and perfectly soundtracking summer.


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