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HTC more than a smartphone

The HTC Evo 4g combines performance and pick-me-up aesthetic into one sleek and powerful Android superphone that makes its business-like counterparts look and act like a total snooze-fest. Though this “performance powerhouse” features a bigger battery, large 4G antenna, and extra-large speakers, its size is counteracted by an adapted exterior form with visual “tricks” like an eyeball-ish camera protrusion and sleek wrap-around side split that not only contrast its bulk but add to its appeal.

This thoughtful design turns would-be hurdles into opportunity. Battery door split lines that are normally located on the sides in order to hide them now accent the back allowing the sides to look clean and solid. The visual solution to housing the huge camera component led to a spherical surrounding shape that looks purposeful and emphasizes the phone’s overall power. Even with bigger than normal components the designers still found room for an inconspicuous but cool looking kickstand.

Designer: Donn Koh with One & Co and HTC


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