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The Watch That Thinks Its A Smartphone

‘i’m watch’, which syncs with android and iOS smartphones

‘i’m watch’ by italian technology design studio blue sky, is a touchscreen wristwatch that syncs via bluetooth
to iPhone and android devices. Updates from the phone are fed directly onto the ‘i’m watch’ screen,
permitting users to write and view facebook, twitter, e-mail, and SMS messages; view photos;
and make and receive phone calls via a built-in speakerphone. dedicated applications for the device
are planned to be available in the android and apple app stores.

The 240-pixel square face measures 1.5″-inches, and the phone is powered by 4GB of storage and 64MB of RAM.

‘i’m watch’ is produced in two lines, the ‘i’m colour’ series, featuring models in red, yellow, blue, green, pink, black, and white
and retailing for 249 euro; and the luxury ‘i’m jewel’ models, which include yellow gold, pink gold, white gold and diamonds,
titanium, black gold, and ‘special’, and range in price from 600 to 15,000 euro. all models are currently available for preorder,
set to ship in late october 2011.
We want one of these



  mrzuber30 wrote @

Vary cool I think that I saw a version on you tube on one of my subscriptions. What ever the case it is cool to see James Bond like gadgets.

  Willber Willberforce wrote @

I wonder what watches will be like in 20 years time!!! Thanks for reading please pass on the blog to others.

  Ali wrote @

I want one.. sooo cooool

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