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Now we in the office think Willber is a bit weird, but this review which was Not due for publishing has (without his permission lol)
I’m a fan so when I got my hands on Brooklyn’s Krts new project Hold On, on the Berlin label Project Mooncircle I could hardly wait…
Love or Logic – a simple stroll on the beach or lounging on the sun bed make sure you have sun cream on for this little number will transport you and any worries in under 2mins, bliss.

Hold On – More trippy layers this time rolled in a sumptuous quilt of crushed beds and percussive salts. Grilled under a medium heat the track warms just enough for the skin to brown. The cries of hold on alerts you to remove from the oven, but after one bite you’ll need some more.

Whatever – not a hard court or even clay court could come near this gigantic tussle. The beats are pressed against the base line only to be returned with interest. The crowd are a gasp as their heads rock from left to right. The follow through hits the next and the immediate sense of relief can be felt. The crowd being a slow clap for more as rain stops play

Rooftop – We don’t like heights, but from this vantage point you can take in all the sounds everything is magnified – the plane overhead, the gramophone record from the 5th floor flat. Even the march planned for today with its marching band is muffled under a smyth breeze. The snap crackle and pop sound clash with Nutella strokes fades

Ghosts – The subway is quiet for a Monday and as the new stock rolls in my jacket is caught in the turnstile which clearly needs seeing too. Before I know it the hot breath of passengers are buckling under my inability to enter and exit the platform without bringing the capital to a standstill. There I’m free and as I enter the outside world I’m bathed in sun it scurries across my forehead and attempts to penetrate my collar unsuccessfully. Stand clear of the doors echoes from hence I came phew thank heavens for this soundtrack to soothe me.

Hold On (Glenn Astro Remix) – Home at last. There is a familiar sound underfoot a warmth that leaves me dizzy musical swirly and reverb torn plates and cups litter the kitchen. The remote needs new batteries the cable needs fixing and the white noise are replaced by smoking beats once I give it a wiggle. The landlord bangs in time to a beat so sweet asking me to turn it up as the kettle boils and the police kick the beat in.

This is so much more than a CD
Krts ‘Hold On’ EP
Out this September on Berlin label Project Mooncircle


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