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Can You See The Light?

Milan-based creative duo carnovsky (francesco rugi and silvia quintanilla) present ‘la selva’, their first show in the UK at dreambagsjaguarshoes in london. Carnovsky is known for their use of the RGB technique which consists of overlapping three primary color images, resulting in a detailed, multilayered print. placing a red, green or blue colored filter (or light, transparent material) over the image reveals one of the three levels. Each of the individual layers are designed to relate to the others, but at the same time, connect to a different psychological or emotional status as images pass from the clear to the hidden. On this occasion the duo has chosen the theme ‘jungle’, exploring its twisted and dense vegetation and unusual creatures through
new wallpapers and limited edition prints. the exploration of the jungle theme also lends itself to another, ‘the night’. As part of this exhibition, rui and qunitanilla present peices from a new series that represents an evolution of their RGB project: RGB – the black series. ‘la selva’ is on view until september 21st, 2011.


Just Do It.

The Art is in the brush

Finland based artist and illustrator Sac Magique’s bold and direct style is comical and entertaining. He often toys with images of people and animals. Too cool

What Page You On?

Weed out the good books

Hair Off

Harold Offeh, lecturer in Contemporary Art & Graphic Design hosted Hairography: A Live Art Salon, a one-night event that fused the traditional literary salon with cheap backstreet hair salons, featuring performance, video and music.

Hairography: A Live Art Salon
Hosted by La Salonnière (aka Harold Offeh)
Curated by David Steans
With artists Giles Bunch and Steve Nice and featuring contributions from Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design students.

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London designer Paul Cocksedge moulds discarded vinyl records into a range of amplifiers for smartphones.

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Let me tap that


How cool is this? Making bath time much more enjoyable.