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Detroit – The City, The Music (Essential viewing)

Thanks to Dean for the link


Bob Fosse + Billie Jean

Throw back Sunday’s 0045

OK so Claudette got one up on me. She put this on in the office and I said ‘WTF is that’? So if like me you were unaware of this disco diva let me fill in..

Sandy worked in the 80s with Ish (from Foxy). Later in Blue Modern and again appeared making house-wailing-noises as Sandy B. This album completely slipped me by. So this Sunday we hope we can add some fun in the sun.

Watch New 70’s Soul Movie

Wheedle’s Groove is a documentary, directed by Jennifer Mass, detailing the once vibrant 60′s and 70′s soul music scene of Seattle.

The film includes commentary by Seattle notable music figures like Quincy JonesSir Mix-A-LotMark Arm(Mudhoney), Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie), Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden), Kim Warnick (The Fastbacks) andKenny G and using interview footage, archival materials, original music, and live performances, the film paints a picture of a thriving and vibrant music scene centered around the city’s small African-American population.

You can never have enough Toro Y Moi

Throwback Sunday’s 0038

Every week we take you back to some classic musical moments. We were about to do a Motown track after watching the story on BBC Four this week, but with sun threatening to come out we thought lets try to entice it.

Legendary New York DJ John Morales on mixing duties here, what more can we say the man is a legend! Bumble Bee Unlimited’s, 1979 hit, ‘I Got a Big Bee‘ is a brilliant percussive dance-floor track complete with disco lasers, Martian vocals and heavy b-boy breaks. Find this and more (Sun-Ra, Fonda Rae, etc) on the ‘The Blank Generation – Blank Tapes NYC 1971 – 1985‘ compilation.

Just after 4mins the breakdown is awesome!!!

AZARI lll revoke memories of house music and Trax records

Was due to be released on the resurrected trax records we never saw it, so up stepped turbo records. ‘indigo’ stays true to their classic house vibe but succeeds to sound fresh nevertheless.