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Approach This Old Woman With Cauction

We often hear of an old dear being robbed, not this one. This lady is 98-years-old. She is the highest ranking in Judo, and only three other people have ever achieved this level. They were all men living in Japan. Keiko is also the last living student of Jigoro Kano who founded Judo in 1882. She still teaches classes to women and girls three times a week, and she often talks about the huge sacrifices she’s made throughout her lifetime as she worked towards this goal.


Paris Dupree R.I.P.

Dupree was one of the legendary names of New York City’s ballroom community. Paris was the founding mother of the House of Dupree and her annual grand ball “Paris is Burning” inspired Jennie Livingston’sDupree is seen on the Paris is Burning DVD cover at upper right in the black hat.

Iman On Vogue Italia’s Slave Earrings

In an interview with Fashionista.com, supermodel Iman spoke about her years in the modeling world, her upcoming Platinum collection on HSN and her thoughts on the Vogue Italia ‘Slave earrings’ scandal.

After years of ruling the catwalk and successfully running her own cosmetics company, Iman says she won’t be back on the runway, despite many designers clamoring for her to wear their clothes. The model-turned-businesswoman is getting ready to launch her latest fashion collection, Platinum, which consists of luxury bags, wallets, and gloves for $300 or less, and spoke candidly about her career.

When asked whether or not she’d return to the catwalk, Iman answered with a resounding no. She says she’s been there and done that, and is so over it.

I worked with literally every designer. So when I stopped I was invited and there was no way I could do one and not do the other and if I did everybody, and I know my industry very well, they will say, ‘Oh poor her, she wants to come back.’ Come on, I know fashion people. The reason I lasted this long is because I’m not around them all the time!

When asked about the Vogue Italia  ’Slave earrings’ debacle, Iman held no punches.


Best iPhone Apps For Women:

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AFRICA: Kangas

We love the vivid colours of the Kanga. The Kanga is mainly worn by women throughout Eastern Africa and features a strip which contains a message in Swahili.

Little Man

Trina shoot for VIBE