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Let’s look at the new Sony S Tablet


“I got your back” iPad2

20110824-065934.jpgWith the iPad2 you want to keep the sleek profile so you’ve got your colorful smart cover keeping it protected, which is awesome for the front but leaves the back exposed. For the other half of your iPad we suggest dropping the 12 bucks and getting a set of Kicks. The rubber bars use 3M adhesive to stick to the back of your Apple gear and provide a easily removable bumper to protect against scratching and dinging. $12 simple. 20110824-070310.jpg
Kicks are easy to apply, and are strong enough to remain securely in place for every day use yet they may easily be peeled off and repositioned without leaving any permanent marks thanks to the 3M damage-free adhesive.

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How to carry an iPad on your bike


The BEST iPhone/Pod dock EVER?

iPhone and iPod users know all too well about the cord and clutter routine when they need to take a pit stop to charge up their fav mobile device. But sometimes there’s no counter or surface space to safely place your device while it’s refilling on energy. Cue in the compact Bluelounge MiniDock, a walnut-sized charger which works with your Apple USB Power Adaptor and allows you to see and access your iOS device in a vertical position, a useful option for those of you who like having your iPhone or iPod bedside or in the kitchen (and handy for travel duties).

Stay Out Of The Light

Philippe Starck (in collaboration with eugene quitllet) has created two lighting pieces for flos, ‘bibliotheque nationale’ and ‘net lamp’.
the french designer describes ‘bibliotheque nationale’ : ‘imagining a fairy tale bookcase where books pirouette and take flight towards the light’.
A multi-functional lamp with small shelves for books and other articles, plus an USB connector to recharge ipads or smartphones,
‘bibliotheque nationale’ seems to fulfill our simplest but most fundamental desires…
The design should facilitates our daily habits of reading, making telephone calls, networking or just relaxing.

‘net lamp’ is a table lamp that doubles as an ipad or iphone dock.
It probably was the most interesting design at euroluce, the lighting exhibition held every other year at the milan furniture fair.
the design by philippe starck (in collaboration with eugene quitllet) has a docking connection atop the LED fixture.
a small vertical stand behind the devices keeps them propped up.

‘net’ offers the sheer functional beauty of recharging devices without cluttering the desk, but it’s easy to imagine customers
using their phones or tables as digital picture frames. an ipad user might even get a wireless keyboard and have an instant work space:
task lighting, keyboard and screen.

ARSENAL – Gunner iPad App

How to download YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPad — without a jailbreak

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