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Fashion For Kids – Too Cool

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Opening Ceremony just launched its first ever kidswear collection. Infinitely cute, and just as cool, this new baby is a team-up between Opening Ceremony and Hong Kong-based children’s apparel brand A for Apple.
But don’t expect the usual basics and lacy frills. The collection’s fresh take on tyke style brings you pieces like Victorian blouses and flared skirts for the girls, and leopard print cargo pants and matching jackets for the boys. All made from baby-friendly fabrics, of course. These pieces will have kids hopping, skipping, and jumping about in style.


Steven Spielberg – The Adventures of Tintin: Trailer 2

Babies given unusual World Cup names

Would you name your new born out of a mark of respect to a football (soccer) tournament? One baby girl was named ‘FIFA’ (all in capitals) after the sport’s governing body, while another was called ‘Ke Nako’, a World Cup slogan that means ‘it is time’. ‘Robert’ as in the England goalkeeper may not prove as popular lol. Story here……