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Hair Off

Harold Offeh, lecturer in Contemporary Art & Graphic Design hosted Hairography: A Live Art Salon, a one-night event that fused the traditional literary salon with cheap backstreet hair salons, featuring performance, video and music.

Hairography: A Live Art Salon
Hosted by La Salonnière (aka Harold Offeh)
Curated by David Steans
With artists Giles Bunch and Steve Nice and featuring contributions from Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design students.

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Get down to Brixton’s Ritzy

Fall to the Floor’ is a musical with an edge! Think ‘Skins’, ‘Glee’ and ‘Shameless’ all remixed into 25 minutes of musical celluloid.
Consisting of eight dynamic characters: Carlo (Teon Blake) the Prince of the Street, Ivan (Ernest Reid) his slave driving boss, Shawn (Anthony Young) Carlo’s best friend and coke-sniffing playboy, Paddy ‘Spits’ (ex-hustler), Melody (Jess Murray) the self absorbed middle-class wannabe, Zara-the-Diva (Jaye Blake), Miya (Tagz) Melody’s crutch, Rom the Poetic Assassin and Bushkin the wheeling and dealing promoter.

Through these characters we explore and hurtle through 24 ‘London’ hours witnessing the overwhelming force of both positive and negative energy, inhaling the natural and artificial highs and feeling the heart wrenching lows.
A buzzing force of high energy surrounds them, drawing them to a bar bursting at the seams with musicality and free expression. It is here Carlo will discover the truth about his sister ‘Star’ and her sudden disappearance and where this ‘scenes’ raison d’être changes forever!

Riots pt deux

UFO Spotted

ADULT: Ladies British Sprinter Strips For Charity

British sprinting champion Harry Aikines-Aryeetey appears NUDE for charity in a new advertising campaign by Alfa Romeo. The new campaign raises money and awareness for Heart Research UK.

Graffiti? There’s an app for that!

The app transforms your iPhone into a can of spray paint, allowing you to graffiti any monument, wall, street etc. around you, without the legal consequences.
From Downing Street to the Brooklyn Bridge as Al Green said Let’s Spray Together