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Top Shop Make Up

A new range of Make Up Topshop is launching for Autumn Winter: Sarah Thorne works for Topshop as the Senior Creative Designer, and designed the packaging. “It’s completely different from our previous limited edition range. The new range is called ‘Heavy Duty’ and the Packaging focusses on darkness, gunmetal finishes, jewel like facets and industrial detailing.”


Benetton looking for models

it’s my time is a world wide online casting for benetton ads, you can submit your images here

Brush on the glam

Hakuhodo Brushes come higly recommend and when we gave one artist the chance to use them we could not get them back!

MEN would you Ronaldo?

OK we have seen Cristiano Ronaldo around town, popping into hot grub spots like Kenmare and Da Silvano with the mobile universe tweeting his and GF Victoria’s Secret angel Irina Shayk’s whereabouts. Yes he is a great footballer who likes to spit and is having his nails painted black really news? Chilling out at  Soho House is one way of making sure you hit the press and they lap it up. Known for his metrosexuality he’ll pleased to know he’s not the first to splash some colour. The question for YOU guys ….. is would you?

Britain’s Next Top Model 2010

OK so it’s a new season and as always there’s good and bad. Firstly Elle is better than expected, but it’s Julian who strikes me as the one they need to convince. The theme of an academy (school) is great. I’d still love more post production to give it that sparkle which the US version has and is shot better. Having said that there were some great film edits during the first trial on the catwalk which means they will look at adding more tricks as the rounds unravels. As normal its the pretty girls that make you go wow, but it’s the plain and versitile girls who’ll make it as they have the faces you can manipupalte for any occasion.

The official web site is rubbish as is the music I wish they commissioned someone like Mark Ronson or Will I AM for sound scores. Yes there was bad weave yes there were those you just wanted to say shut up too, but what is most fascinating is how all the tribes appear and the in-fighting starts.. Bring it on!!!! Julian is value for money.

Bad hair day?

Hair we go…..

Beauty School Drop-out

When a Supermodel’s Career Fades to Black

The recent misfortunes of models Beverly Peele and Noemie Lenoir are a sad reminder that with fashion, one day you’re in, and the next, you’re so out. Particularly when you’re black.

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