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The Black Spiderman

Writer Brian Michael Bendis made some interesting points in the Metro this morning about the new Marvel super hero:

Will this make it to the big screen?


The Oyster Card you can wear on your finger?

The Oyster card, London’s electronic travel card system, is something synonymous with natives and visitors alike. Unchanged for 8 years, designer Benjamin Parton thought it was time for a total redesign- something fun and memorable with improved functionality. The Oi is a wearable oyster card that can be worn as a ring or “watchstrap widget.” As easy to identify as it is handy, Oi aims to help ease the confusion caused by passengers fumbling for the old-school cards.

Oi uses the same radio-frequency coil infrastructure as the existing Oyster cards and the final product can be bent and twisted without damaging the internal components and is also unaffected by interference from other radio frequency devices.

Designer: Benjamin Parton

Can you imagine the Metro / Tube looking like this?

Designer: Yves Lombardet

Top 30 Twitter Users: It’s All About Hollywood

What a drag..

This has been around for some time now on UK TV, but there is something really sweet about it. Comments as always appreciated.

Observation 001….


Now I’m as nosey as the next guy and simply love it whilst travelling on public transport people’s inability to notice they are in a public place. So observation 001. The newspaper. There was a woman who almost shoved me to the floor in order to board and get today’s Metro which had been left by a previous commuter. Then there was the guy who was so desperate for a read that he prized a trodden defaced copy off the carriage floor and spent most of the journey trying to straighten it out. THEN my favourite next to the person who refuses to close the paper whilst in a carriage vying for space at rush hour……… (drum roll)……..yes, it’s the person without a paper who tries to read yours and you’re aware so you begin to read whilst almost keeping your writs firmly together. Not forgetting of course the person who reads your paper when they have their own! What’s up with that – holla?