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London is a mess – why? There is not one single word to explain the last 48hrs. I’d imagine there are some sorry ass kids out there and many parents hoping that the new flat screen TV in their childs bedroom was brought with money they have been saving. Where were your kids last night?

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Many were injured and there have been over 150 arrests after hundreds of rioters and looters set vehicles and entire buildings ablaze and launched fireworks at police in North London’s predominately Caribbean and African district of Tottenham then moved on to Enfield and Brixton the next day.

The Saturday night riots began as a peaceful protest over the death of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old man and father of four, who was killed Thursday by officers from the Metropolitan Police. The special unit was investigating gun crime and “stopped a minicab which Mr Duggan had been travelling in,” reports BBC.
BBC crime reporter Ben Ando said there were rumours in the community that a teenage girl who was part of the peaceful protest had been in a kind of confrontation with police. He said: “That appears to be the flashpoint. That was the moment at around about just after eight o’clock when it seemed that elements in the crowd decided to pick on two police cars. They were then set on fire.”

The teenage girl at the center of the protests may have thrown something at police, a witness tells The Guardian.

UPDATE 8/8/2011 – The riots continue heading east and NW and even Birmingham.