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MUSIC Moment – Mighty Hannibal


Throw Back Sunday’s 0057

Hell yeah we have a cracker this Sunday.

The Mary Jane Girls were an American R&B, soul, funk and disco group in the 1980s. They were protégées of singer Rick James. They are known for their hit songs “All Night Long”, “Candyman” and “In My House”. This got us throwing shapes – what about you?

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SOUL of a Black Man

Throw Back Sundays 0052

Come let us funk up your Sunday. Willber showed me this on a 7″ vinyl which is pretty cool. I showed him the album on mp3 lol.

Real Name:
Bobby Heller, Charles Heller, James ‘Boots’ Smith
Very talented hammond-funk band out of Akron, Ohio. Consisted of Charles who played drums and Bobby on Hammond/Organ. They recruited James Crawford as a guitarist but left soon because he couldn’t keep up the hard practicing the Heller twins did. They found James ‘Boots’ Smith and got him into the band. After some years, Ernest Burt discovered the bands talent and hired them to release Go For Yourself b/w Funky Thang in 1969 on Burt Records. They recorded Hot Pants Break Down b/w Boot’s Groove a little later. This was released on Magic City recordings, also owned by Burt. In the Mid -70’s, they recorded their third release, Crazy Legs b/w Bobby’s Mood. But this recording escaped the Magic City vaults for some reason and ended up in the hands of Ernie Malick of the Westwood label under dubious circumstances.
If you can’t stand the funk get out the funkin kitchen

Throw back Sunday’s 0049

Leo – Fee Fi Fo Fum
Very rare old school electro madness!(Don’t forget we post a classic every Sunday – so go cop the lot)

Throw Back Sunday’s 048

Its another Sunday thank the lord we made it. We had scheduled a track from Family Brown for this weekend which we will feature. But with the passing away yesterday of Gil Scott-Heron we thought it only right to bless you also with a bonus track from the poet too.

So let’s start with this rather soulful album from 1977 from Family Brown ‘Imaginary World’ we have chosen this track ‘Listen’ to set you up for a soulful Sunday. As far as we know this was their only album with a 12″ released later on. Has always we hope you’ll search more music out by them and buy. Please leave comments and suggestions for classic tracks you think the world needs to hear.

BONUS CUT: Gil Scott-Heron (April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011)

Throw Back Sunday’s 0046

Its another Sunday and time for another classic. Like all weeks this is OUR classic and maybe new to many and in some cases for the older heads not that great. That’s what makes music special – its like sports you love a team or hate it. Everyone has an opinion about music and we’d love to know what you think.

Classed as independent soul this track is a classic. Really get’s under the skin and is pure soul and simple in construction. With arragments by the brilliant Norman Harris this was originally released in 1981 then remastered in 1984.