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OK Up Against The Bedroom Wall!

Blik and Threadless have paired up yet again to launch these adhesive Pattern Wall Tiles.
The collection has started off with five self-adhesive sets featuring designs from the Threadless community. Non-toxic and free of both PVC and phthalates, the 16-square-foot tiles are developed for smaller surface areas that you want to accent, such as behind the bed, over a sofa, or even on kitchen cabinets. With no glue, you can move them around for a perfect fit. There goes that damp patch!


Make your kids wall rock!

This way to cool and if you watch those make over shows even their attempts to make kids room look cool is rather poor. This however is on point and we love – “sod the kids room I’m putting this in the upstairs hallway” said Willber

From the USA not that makes a diffrence with everything being on online. Check more designs HERE

Whatever the weather

 The Weather, City Edition is a beautiful screensaver for Mac OSX by designer Stefan Trifan that shows the weather for one city (Now, Today, Tomorrow) with beautiful custom weather icons, animation, time, and date. Using the Yahoo Weather Forecast, the minimalist design with beautiful typeface will greet you every day so you will know what to wear to dinner and whether to bring an umbrella to work tomorrow. As we know talking about the weather is something we do very well..

Ghanaian Movie Posters For Hollywood Movies!


For complete peace of mind, and for the safety of your iPad, secure it in a BRUDA Wood Case.  The BRUDA Wood Case uses old-school Amish woodworking smarts to assemble a heavy-duty, classic looking case.  Open it up into either of the two positions (the typing position offers a crafty glare shield, good for reducing glare and shielding all your NSFW material) and know your investment is safe.  The different cases are made from a variety of woods all with a clear finish, get your cash out it’s not cheap.  $165-175

Read more: HERE

Is the iPad the best?

While everyone is talking about the next big thing, there is a silent but very public war going on.  It’s been called the “Tablet War.”  Every developer is claiming that their tablet is the one superior to all the others, and they showcase features that solidify their claims.  However, it is not always an easy comparison.  You have a whole range of factors to put into the equation, and still, it all boils down to what the user expects and is satisfied with.  Ever since the iPad was released by Apple, there have been a slew of announcements coming out that pretty much every technology company around the world is working on their own, way better, tablet.  While the consumers are awaiting these marvels of gadgets, we can only speculate whether they will be the iPad killer that they say they are.

There are; however, several different tablets that have been released and put on the consumer market.  To find the right one, you really have to dig deep to find most of the specs and stats to make your decision a complete one.  Thanks to Skatter Tech, you can now put four of the most popular ones head-to-head and compare their specs without having to go through hundreds of websites in search of reviews and other important information.

Just sit back, read this awesome informative infographic, and you will find that you will be able to feel quite satisfied with your decision.  Always remember that just because the majority of consumers like one particular tablet, it might not be the one that tickles your fancy.  The tablet should work for you, not the other way around.

Fortune (cookies) Posters

The Best Part’s Fortune Posters series features illustrated phrases taken from actual fortune cookies.
Customers have the choice of either ordering the entire set of 8, or submitting to the “fortune gods” by ordering just one, in which case the poster is randomly selected and sent to you as your fortune in poster form.

You can also get your fortune by ordering any other print in The Best Part’s shop — you get a free fortune poster with each order.