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We pause today for mother Willberforce R.I.P.

This Song for All mothers past and present….



Here’s the problem: We hate our friends. You do too. We’re using the word “friends” in the social networking sense. Facebook and Flickr “friends.” Twitter and Tumblr Followers.

These people don’t like you, and vice-versa. You probably haven’t even met in real life. They’re limitless binary relationships that we have to choose to share reciprocally with, or not.
We want to keep secrets from those people. At least some of them. Sharing information online with the whole world can be scary. You never know when it’s going to rear its head and bite you. This is where Google+ comes in.



Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (40th anniversary edition released this week)

Today marks 40 years since the release of one of the top 5 greatest albums EVER!!! There are hundred’s of cover versions of the title track. Here are a few and if you want to know who recorded these just drop us a comment 🙂

FASHION: Stella McCartney’s Resort 2012 Collection

Stella McCartney’s Resort 2012 Collection. The entire collection is really versatile and the pieces can easily be mixed and matched for more great looks. Although at times frumpy it’s a great mix of simple garments for women and fun items for the 20 somethings..

Cookies For Geeks

INDIA: Last handwritten newspaper in the world

This is a great documentary about the Musalman newspaper in India, The film explains the history and the passion of the people who hand write each and every letter in the newspaper. It is also sad to hear this trade is almost extinct. Thanks to @cindyvriend for the tweet.

Panasonic Lumix gf3

panasonic‘s 12.1-megapixel ‘lumix dmc-gf3‘ wraps the large-format sensors and interchangeable lenses of a DLSR
into a camera sized more closely to a point-and-shoot, capable of shooting both video and stills. additional features
include a dust reduction system and a 3-inch touchscreen that offers intuitive control of shooting and focusing options.

weighing 7.83 ounces (222g), the camera features a 12.1-megapixel live MOS sensor, long stated by the company
to produce high-quality images while minimizing energy consumption. it is capable of capturing full HD 1080i video,
and when used with panasonic’s 3D lens, three dimensional still photographs as well.

the ‘gf3’ is based on the micro four thirds standard of lenses and compatible with full-sized four thirds lens via a mount adaptor.
the scaled down size of its aluminum body is owed to mirror-free technology, as well as the advance in large-format sensors
that are more compatible with the smaller micro four thirds lenses. the device nonetheless retains a built-in flash,
designed to ‘pop up’ to prevent the vignetting ordinarily caused by close proximity of the flash unit and interchangeable lens.

the mirror-less device features a supersonic wave filter to protect the sensor from dust

a 3-inch touch LCD screen permits intuitive control of not only menus and playback but also most shooting, focusing, and effects.
for example, through the screen users can release the shutter to lock onto a subject for autofocusing and tracking, as well as increase
the size of the autofocus area. the device’s menus are customizable using drag-and-drop actions to create personalized quick access
to commonly used functions. a hardware scroll wheel to the right of the screen offers a tactile interface for device control,
for users accustomed to DSLRs.

like other g-series models, the ‘gf3’ utilizes ‘contrast autofocus’, controlled by the image sensor, rather than the phase-difference
autofocus systems used in most DSLRs, boosting focus for low-light, wide-aperature shots. full-area focusing alongside
a newly developed ‘pinpoint autofocus’ that offers touch control focusing via the device’s LCD screen. 

a ‘dust reduction system’ places a supersonic wave filter, vibrating about 50,000 times each second,
in front of the camera’s image sensor, repelling dust and other particles even while lens are being changed.

‘creative control’ image modes automatically process photos to match ‘retro’, ‘high dynamic’, ‘sepia’
or ‘miniature’ effects, while ‘photo style’ offerings optimize settings for ‘standard’, ‘vivid’, ‘natural’,
‘monochrome’, ‘scenery’, or ‘portrait’ shots.top view

the ‘panasonic lumix gf3’ will be available beginning july 2011, in black, white, red, and brown and featuring a 14mm kit lens,
for approximately 700 USD; and is planned for release in late august with a 14-42mm lens, at a cost of 600 USD.